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Welcome to Billy Rainwater's ''Medicineman Teas'' web site.  Medicinal teas prepared using combinations of 6,000 plants and parts of plants as taught to him from the time he was four years old by the medicine men from the reservation he grew up on.  Alternative medicine.
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medicineman, medicinemanteas, medicine man teas, medicineman teas, medicine man, native american medicine man, native american medicineman, amerindian medicineman, amerindian medicine man, alternative medicine


Native American Medicines are not only used to treat aches and pains, cuts and sores, but life threatening diseases such as cancer, lupus, parkinsons, arthritis, diabetes, chronic bronchitis, and high cholesterol to name a few.

Pow Wow referred to the ceremony among North American Indians to conjure the cure of disease, success in war, the gathering of medicine men and spiritual leaders for religious ceremonies.  The music you are hearing is called The Circle of Life. 

Today a Pow Wow is a gathering that includes all tribal affiliations; a celebration based on pride, honor and ancestral traditions.  In celebrating the circle of life the physical structure of the Pow Wow is also a circle.  It is blessed prior to the ceremony and is considered sacred ground during the entire celebration.

I make absolutely no money from the sale of any Medicineman Teas.  All money goes toward paying for hand gathered herbs and ingredients from around the country.

I am a true medicine man.

A lot of people are putting out different kinds of teas and they'll tell you these are Indian Teas and they'll have like 30 or 40 different ingredients in them... Once you go past what's supposed to be in it then you change the chemical structure of what we make and it no longer will work.   You may be making an Arsenic and it's killing people off and they say it's an Indian Tea, we got it from the Indians.  No.  I don't think we've got one tea that's got over eight things in  it.  Take Essiac Tea.  There are concoctions out there from  Wannabe Indian Medicine Men ("Wannabe tribe":  I wanna be an Indian) with 60 different plants in it (to cure cancer).  That's not Essiac.  It takes only a certain amount of herbs to make a certain compound that works together and if you don't mix it right it won't work, and Essiac does not require 30 to 60.  If you don't have enough of one or you've got too much of another one - that's going to hurt you.  Once you change that compound it's not going to work.

His Indian birth name "Iamyellie" means "He who walks among the clouds".  Billy Rainwater was born on a reservation in Illinois on August 3rd, 1942 in a place called "Indian Town", Bureau County, named in honor of Pierre DeBureau, a half breed trader of French and Native American Ancestry who established a trading post with the Indians on the Illinois River in the 1700s. 

For over 10,000 years Native Americans on both continents believed that Mother Earth in all her beauty and abundance provided everything needful in our lives: food, clothing, shelter and healing medicine.  William Rainwater knew at that age of four that his destiny was preordained.  The tribal elders recognized his gift for intuition and hands on healing and were instrumental in guiding him to his chosen path as a medicine man.  Billy Rainwater Barnes has helped countless people in his life with healing medicines that he refers to as "Billy's Tea".  From memory Billy knows over 6,000 herbs and derivative plants: what they look like, where they are found, and how they are used either alone or in combination with other herbs - as a formula for specific ailments. Some parts of a plant can be toxic, while other parts of the same plant can have healing properties.  The secret is in knowing the difference.  The exact combination, ratio and portion of herbs and plants when preparing the many various medicinal teas are critical in determining the right formula for each individual size, sex and ailment.

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Contact Billy Rainwater by email at subject line:  "tea order" or use the
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C.A. Barnes:
P.O. BOX 353
Brooksville, FL 34605

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There are many types of teas, each one prepared specifically to match individual requirements.
Each tea requires varying amounts of herbs and plants (some much harder to obtain and prepare than others) so the prices do vary and no single price is available for all teas.  Please contact me by email.  Many calls coming in at 2 AM and 3 AM have forced me to stop taking phone calls directly.  Also, Medicine Man Teas cannot make international phone calls.  Please, if you are calling outside of the U.S., Canada or Mexico - Contact with Medicine Man Teas will have to be carried out  entirely through e-mail.

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